Adira Allure DP With Her Favourite Rapper And His Manager


Death-Hole Records has hired a financial advisor to monitor the spending of their biggest rapper, Slim Poke. Slim has been spending lavishly on his lifestyle and videos and has quite the posse.

Adira is brought into the meeting with Slim by his personal manager, Jax. Adira lets Slim know that he doesn’t need to waste all that money on useless bitches when a few great hoes would save him so much money. Turns out, Adira has been a fan for years, and her pussy is literally creaming at getting the opportunity to meet with him.

Slim is intrigued by this money-saving proposal and the sexy bitch pitching it. Soon, she has both massive snakes in her mouth and is sucking like a cat in heat.

Dripping wet and needing a cock badly, Slim pounds her pussy. Jax immediately taps her asshole and is amazed at how easily he slides in. Soon they have both of their cocks in her at once and double penetrate Adira to her heart’s delight.

Slim fills her pussy up with a massive load of baby batter, and Jax unleashes a huge dollup of cum on her face.

Date: July 5, 2021
Model: Adira Allure