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We have made this page available so that you can contact us when necessary, please feel free to talk to us! We will respond as soon as possible! For contact, questions, suggestions, criticisms, requests and removal of content, marketing in general, please send us an email to: wargorobyn[at] It is worth mentioning some important points:

This site does not produce any type of material

Everything here is taken from the internet

We only collect and gather content from large adult portals, such as Xvideos, XNXX, Redtube and etc.
We do not condone, share or support any type of content related to revenge porn, unauthorized disclosure or material in support of pedophilia, zoophilia or any other material that may violate local law.

We work through the use of import tools, making it humanly impossible to inspect everything that is published, however we work hard so that our website works cleanly and transparently for our users.

It is possible to find words of foul language, vulgar and that may come to offend some. However, we do not support any type of injury, and if you feel offended in any way, contact us so that we can work as quickly as possible.