Scarlett Hampton Afternoon Fuck Fest with Boyfriend’s Big Brother


When cheerleader Scarlett stops by her boyfriend’s house, she discovers he is not around but his big brother is.

She’s heard all about him and knows he is getting his masters in college. She will be going to college herself next year and is worried she does not have enough experience with older college men and is hoping Mazee might give her some pointers.

Mazee is no dummy and knows when a dumb little bimbo wants to put out, and dammit, his brother will get over this. It’s not like the two of them will be getting married and nobody turns down a free lunch.

Well, as soon as you can say “lickity split,” this bitch is sucking on his candy stick. Damn, this is some fine-ass high school pussy and it’s legal too at 18.

You see Scarlett is about to graduate. Soon, Mazee is graduating his cock deep into her tight little white pussy. Whoooo whheeee is that a tight little thing.

All wet and grabby Scarlett’s pussy squeezed on his cock as she clenched down for an afternoon fuck fest. Mazee taps that pussy for all it’s worth giving the teen a first-class tutorial in advanced slut fucking.

Soon she is wearing a cum face bath as her reward for a job well done.

Date: May 5, 2022