Stripper Adira Allure Buried with Seven Black Cocks in a Bachelor Party


When Donny’s uncle offers to find the entertainment for the future groom’s bachelor party, the homies knew it was going to go down. Uncle Richie never lets the boys down.

As soon as the stripper, Adira, shows up, the electricity in the room literally crackles. She puts on quite a pussy dance show for the men, and they soon watch her squirt all over the place.

If that doesn’t make your dick hard you better check your pulse cause faster than you can say “fuck dat bitch”, cocks are waving in the air and Adira is sucking like a champ.

Buried with seven cocks to serve, she is overcome with lust and frantically sucks and yanks as fast as her little lips can handle.

Time to tap the bottom lips as one cock after another starts to train that tight little pussy of hers. Soon it’s up the Hershey highway as the boys plum her little bottom balls deep.

From there, it’s the double penetration treatment as she finds any way she can to keep all seven cocks happy. One in the ass, one in cunt, and one in the mouth, she is on an airtight train to pleasure town.

Soon, cocks are squirting in both her holes and she gets a cum facial. Now that is one happy night for the bachelor and his homies to remember.

Date: May 5, 2022
Model: Adira Allure