Savannah Bond Face blasted With Poolman’s Huge Pole


Savannah just cannot believe the size of the trouser snake that is dangling in her pool man’s pants. Is that thing for real? She is shocked and, like most women, just needs to know for herself if he is really packing or somehow has a cucumber in there.

She can get all the advice in the world she wants from her friends, but sometimes actions have to speak louder than words. In this case, the situation really works out when the pool man asks her if she has a hose he can use due to a valve misconnect, and she remarks how she would like to use his hose.

He is shocked, especially when she pushes the issue and asks if it is real. Oh damn, indeed it is as he pulls out the most massive black cobra she has ever seen.

Any self-respecting woman, when presented with a huge cock, will immediately drop to her knees and gobble it up. At a young age, trained well on sucking cock and whoring about, at a young age, Savannah jumps into the filth like a pig in the slop and gobbles down the massive man roots like a starving Donner party member.

Soon enough, she has the massive root plunging deep into her dripping soppy sweet cunt pie. It’s a rollicking afternoon at this slut’s house as she discovers just how real her Poolman’s pole really is. Face blasted and dripping with cum, it’s all well that ends well.

Date: May 5, 2022