Disobedient Teen Daughter Hope Harper Punished By Stepdad


Naughty Hope Harper is sleeping in when her stepdad Marcus London tries to get her out of bed for school.

Hope throws a giant temper tantrum when Marcus insists that she’s going to get dressed, and Marcus finally gets his point across by spanking Hope’s ass.

Eventually Hope figures out how to turn the tables on her stepdad when she realizes how attracted to her he really is. Going in for a blowjob, Hope pushes Marcus’s pants down so that she can suck him off properly.

While he’s on the bed, Hope plants her bare pussy above his mouth so that he can eat her out, and then seats herself on his rock hard stiffie to go for a ride that won’t stop until she’s satisfied.

She even takes his cock deep in her ass! Now that Hope knows she’s in charge, she gets on her hands and knees to entice Marcus into taking her doggy style from behind.

Eventually Hope gets the climax that she craves, and then drops to her knees once again to help Marcus get off as well.

Her warm little mouth is just what Marcus needs to cum all over in a big facial that fills Hope’s mouth with cum.

Now that they are both satisfied, Hope finally agrees to get dressed for school.

Date: May 19, 2021
Model: Hope Harper